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About Us

The Clean Brand - CleanLetts introduce CleanWaste 

Some people think waste is a dirty job, but we think it’s clean, because we know that if there is a strategy to customised waste management, there is a way to empower people and clean up the world.

From our point of view, waste does not have to ruin the environment. In fact, it is possible for it to do the opposite. More than that, waste can make people money, and it can help people who were previously excluded from that equation. From where we sit, it’s win-win-win.


This is not just feel-good philanthropy, though in our opinion the world could do with a bit more of that. This is about creating sustainable businesses, for the economic benefit of all.


As such, Clean Waste espouses the principle of being rewarded for smart work, and it is this ethos that defines the company.



Address: 39 Fairview Road , London, SW16 5PX

Phone: 0208 764 2669

Email: jenny@cleanletts.co.uk



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